Please note:

The homestay program is an opportunity for international students to live with and become part of their host family. Independent living - such as a self contained suite - is not an acceptable form of accommodations for students.

Host Families who fail to comply with our homestay policies, as well as the School District and the Ministry of Education's Guidelines, will no longer be able to host students and will be reported to the District.

White Rock International Education abides by the same policies, procedures and guidelines as outlined by the Ministry of Educations International Student Program Handbook.

Host Families

Hosting an international student is an amazing opportunity to create amazing friendships, learn about other cultures from around the world as well as exposing our visitors to our wonderful cities. Hosting should never be regarded as a means of making income as this is not what hosting is all about. As an authorized agent/agency for several school districts, we follow strict guidelines set out by the District as well as the Ministry of Education which is also passed on to our host families in which they must also adhere to.

White Rock Homestay Education Consultant

White Rock International Education 

Host Families must provide the following:

  • A warm and caring atmosphere
  • Emotional support and guidance
  • Welcome each student as if they were a family member
  • A safe and secure environment
  • A private room with a bed/desk/dresser/closet/window
  • Access to laundry facilities & WIFI
  • Key to access the home
  • 3 meals per day and in between snacks
  • Transportation if requested
  • English to be the only language spoken when student is present
  • A Police Information Check - Renewed every 3 years
  • A maximum of 2 long-term students per family
  • One student per room