Homestay / Custodian Advisor

Josie Zhang

Student Advisor - English/Mandarin

Josie has been with our company for several years and plays a significant role with all of our Mandarin Speaking Clients. Josie is a huge advocate for Mental Health among our students which plays a huge role in the success of our company. We are so thankful that Josie has been part of our team for as long as she has, as her assistance with our Asian clients is truly second to none! In her spare time, Josie loves to travel and spend quality time with her family.

Trisha Winters

Founder + Director

Trisha has been involved with many aspects of international education for well over 11+ years which includes strong ties to several school districts within the province of B.C. Trisha's passion and dedication in assisting international students with their education goals, keep her very involved within her company. During her downtime Trisha can be found at the barn riding her horse Remi.

Meet the Team

Gabriela Sladkova

Homestay / Custodian Advisor

Once an international student herself, Gabi, as we like to call her, truly understands the importance of providing the best possible support to each and every student that is under our program. Gabi is one of the most kind and caring people you will ever meet and we are so thankful that she is part of our team. Gabi is also an avid horse person and when not working, can be found riding her horse Win out on the trails with her dog Riley.

White Rock Homestay Education Consultant

Michelle Bernard

Student Advisor - English/German

Michelle has been brought on to assist our team with our German speaking students and agents. Michelle was born in Germany and moved with her family to Canada when she was just a teen. Michelle is extremely outgoing and loves to meet new people and help out in any way she can. In addition to working for us, Michelle loves to spend her free time outdoors with her two dogs and horse.

Trish Tansley

Assistant Director 

After hosting students for many years with our company, Trish was then recruited to join our team as she is such a dedicated host. When Trisha is not available, Trish is always second in command to assist our clients needs. Trish is warm, caring, organized and extremely dedicated to her students. When not working, Trish can be found making amazing gourmet meals or singing on stage with her husband Scott.

White Rock International Education 

White Rock International Education is a full-service international educational agency, that provides every aspect of Studying in B.C. for international students. From applying to the School District of your choice, to airport pickup and every service in-between. By offering all of these services together, we provide a "one-stop shopping" experience eliminating the need for clients to have to reach out to other companies.

By  choosing White Rock International Education, as your agency of choice,  we promise that you will be well taken care of. Our customers are the true backbone of our agency and without them, we would not exist!