Tours and Year Round  ESL Camps

White Rock Homestay is happy to offer private and group Tours throughout the year as well as ESL Camps to all of our International Visitors. At White Rock Homestay we can design a tour specific to your tour group needs.

Our groups tours can accommodate as little as 2 people up to a large group of 50 people. By choosing White Rock Homestay for all of our tour needs, you can be assured that you are getting everything you would possibly need to make your stay in Canada an exceptional one.  By providing wonderful Host Families for your accommodations and meals we are able to keep your costs low.

Private Group tours are designed for
2 - 12 people
Small Group tours are designed for
15 - 20 people
Large Group tours are designed for
20 to 50 people


If you would like to come to Canada to visit our wonderful cities and to improve your English language, then one of our ESL Camps are for you. All of our camps which are taught by certified teachers, and have been designed specifically for Adults and children aged 5 years to 12 years. While studying English, you will also get to visit many of our beautiful cities and famous tourist attractions. 

Parents, if you would like to send your child to Canada to study, but are unable to accompanying them, we offer a Kids only camp. White Rock Homestay will also be appointed as guardian to your child while he/she is in Canada. Children must be 13 years of age or older to attend.


If you are interested in just seeing the sights of Vancouver and the surrounding areas without the need of ESL Lessons, we can design a tour with just your needs in mind. With so many sights, exhibits and attractions to see, you will be guaranteed an amazing time.

For more information and pricing on all of our tour packages and ESL camps, please contact White Rock Homestay today and we will be happy to put a tour together to suit your needs. 

A few photos of our Summer ESL Camps: